The elections 2016

Trump or Clinton?

 November 8th 2016 is the day, when the United States of America will vote and decide who is going to become their new president. 
Every state has their own elections, and so does Missouri. But first of all, what exactly is going on during the elections in general and why is it so important to keep up and be informed about it?

The American people live in freedom and are very proud of that. They have the right to do what they want, to say what they want, and live their life the way they enjoy it.
In the elections, they choose a person to be their president, and this person will lead the country for the next 4 years. There are different candidates, who can run for president but usually it is a race between the democratic and the republican party.

It is extremely important that the residents start caring about the political situation in their country. They need to be aware of who they are voting for. As well as it is to actually cast the vote. One who doesn't care and doesn't influence politics with their vote, is not taking the responsibility, to choose about their freedom and partly gives up on their independence. 

Students from our School, the Friderico -Francisceum, took part in the "Teach about US" student project to  get a better view over the election and to stay informed on the current situation.
Therefore, we prepared this website. 
This website will tell you everything you need to know, about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and other candidates who take part in the presidential elections 2016.
So just go ahead and feel free to read through the different topics to go with elections in Missouri!


author: Jorge Schlüter